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    Lab policy and outreach

    Lab policy and outreach

    Philosophy: Our laboratory aims to be a “research team” that conducts interdisciplinary research with a focus on “how to bring about breakthroughs in the field of life science by utilizing micro/nano fabrication technology based on mechanical engineering”.

    In Japan, heavy industry and the advanced information society that expanded through the period of rapid economic growth have established a stable lifestyle through lifetime employment and seniority-based wages. In addition, Japan has long been known as a country of peace and longevity due to its low birthrate and aging society, as well as the widespread use of advanced and sophisticated medical care. However, will we be able to continue to lead safe and secure lives in the future if we continue with the conventional approach in science and technology policy and in research at universities?

    In our laboratory, we aim to solve various problems in society by setting research themes in life science based on micro/nano processing technology, which is one of our strengths, and by bringing breakthroughs in different fields. At the same time, we aim to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society by fostering human resources who will boldly take on the challenges of such interdisciplinary research, and to create new academic fields by fusing different disciplines while respecting and utilizing existing academic fields such as mechanical engineering and physical sciences.

    We would like to form a “research team” with members who will contribute to the development of science and technology that will contribute to a safe and secure society in the future, regardless of short-term immediate results and profits. We would like to invite undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, technical assistants, and collaborating researchers to join and support our activities.

    Student Education Policy: As one of the laboratories of Kyoto University, a research-oriented general university, we aim to be a “research team” that can promote research that is recognized and evaluated worldwide. For this purpose, we expect our students to acquire solid scientific knowledge, logical thinking, and insight through world-class research activities, and to leave Kyoto University with the qualities to become leaders not only in academia but also in various other fields. For more information, please refer to “To all those who wish to join our laboratory”.