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    • 2024-06-04
      Physios Biotech Inc. was highlighted on Forbes Japan (6/3).
    • 2024-06-01
      K. Fujimoto was promoted to Associate Professor and S. Matsumoto was promoted to Program-Specific Assistant Professor.
    • 2024-05-27
      The paper written by Y. Takata was published in Analyst (journal paper #100).
    • 2024-05-21
      K. Fujimoto, M. Yang and J. Sugawa will be presenting at CHEMINAS49.
    • 2024-04-16
      The paper written by A.Kitada received an award in IEEJ.
    • 2024-04-15
      R. Yokokawa will serve as the general chair, K. Fujimoto serve as an organizing committee, and K.Fujimoto, S.Matsumoto, A.Tabuchi, T.Nishimura and S.Koishi will be presenting at IEEE-NEMS 2024.
    • 2024-04-10
      Welcome party for new B4 students was held.
    • 2024-04-02
      A seminar by Prof. Nien-Tsu (Joe) Huang, National Taiwan University, will be held on April 30th. If you wish to attend, please contact Yokokawa.
    • 2024-03-26
      The paper written by A. Tsuchida was published in Lab Chip (journal paper #99)
    • 2024-03-21
      Our collaboration work with Dr. Tanaka (The Cancer Institute of JFCR) was published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (journal #98).