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    • 2023-01-18
      A. Tabuchi and T. Irisa will be presenting at MEMS2023.
    • 2022-12-12
      The paper written by K. Fujimoto was published in Lab Chip (journal paper #90).
    • 2022-12-06
      M. Shaji won the Science Pitch Award at MBSJ45 held on 2022/11/30-12/2! Click here.
    • 2022-11-25
      Y. Kameda, Y. Takata, Y. Nagano, M. Shaji & S. Yadav will be presenting at MBSJ45.
    • 2022-11-18
      The paper written by M. Shaji was published in APL Bioengineering (journal paper #88).
    • 2022-11-17
      Nagano, Ma, Kitada, and Takata won prizes at "Future Technologies from Tokushima" held on 2022/11/14-16! Click here.
    • 2022-11-12
      Y.Takata, S.Yadav, A.Tabuchi, T.Irisa, Y.Kitara & T. Nishimura will be giving poster presentations at CHEMINAS46.
    • 2022-11-12
      M.Shaji, Y.Kameda, Y.Nagano, D.Kho, R.B.Sadeghian, C.Ma, K.Fujimoto, A.Kawakami, A.Haginiwa will be presenting at Sensor Symposium.
    • 2022-11-07
      Our collaboration work with Prof. Nashimoto (Tokyo Med Dent Univ.) was published in Biosens. Bioelectron.(journal #89)
    • 2022-10-03